February 5, 2008

Feb. 5 is Major!

Today marks the biggest day in both the Democratic and Republican races. Super Tuesday is a national primary day that includes some of the biggest prizes of the primary season. Voters in 24 states, like California and New York, will have their say. Today could likely decide who gets the nominations. I'm so excited!

Results (except New Mexico):
Obama wins Georgia, Illinois, Delaware, Alabama, Conn., Kansas, North Dakota, Minnesota, Alaska, Colorado, Conn., Idaho, Missouri, Utah
Clinton wins Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, New York, Mass., New Jersey, Arizona, California, Mass.
McCain wins Conn., Illinois, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, Oklahoma, Arizona, California, Missouri
Romney wins Mass., Utah, Alaska, Colorado, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota
Huckabee wins W.VA., Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee

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