February 27, 2008

From The Campaign Trail

Last night's democratic debate, in my opinion, only helped escalate Barack Obama's appeal. He maintained his composure, while Hillary Clinton got red-in-the-face several times, she was so flustered. And that's surprising considering she's the one "on the attack" at the moment. Because she's desperate. Now, not only does Barack have an edge over Hillary, polls show he has a far better chance of winning the presidency than John McCain. And I'm thrilled to hear it!

PS: This was the last debate before the primaries in Ohio and Texas that could make or break Hillary’s campaign. If she does not win at least one of these states, she may concede.

On a lighter note, Hillary made an appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show on Tuesday and was asked about the big issue that has divided America for too long, "glitter or no glitter?"

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SB said...

Here are some samples of the polls between McCAIN and Obama.