February 6, 2008

Enter The Circus

After becoming cooperative and relatively stable, Britney Spears was released from UCLA Hospital after nearly a week in treatment. Brit no longer posed the legal danger to herself or to others, such that they could continue to hold her against her will... though I wish she would have stayed voluntarily. I'm worried sick about her.

Paparazzi and helicopters alike are already chasing her down. Just when you thought the chaos would subside, enter the circus.

Update: Brit's paparazzi BF, Adnan Ghalib, posted information regarding her departure from UCLA saying, "As the day unraveled, they [Adnan and the Spears'] have all agreed to get Britney safely back to her home so she can get the medical care and love that she deserves. After spending most of the evening with The Spears [family] at The Summit, [Adnan] left and went back home at 2:30 a.m.... to give the family some alone time." I have to say, at least that's something positive.

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