January 31, 2008

The Hottie

Paris Hilton looked gorgeous outside the studio of the Late Show with David Letterman on Wednesday. She was there to promote her new film, The Hottie and the Nottie. The interview will air tonight!

And Then There Was One

It looks like Hayden Panettiere may be the only person left on planet earth who has not yet read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Or could she be reading it for a second time? Anyways, below is a picture of Hayden reading HP7 while waiting for her train at Union Station. How very "Hogwarts Express" of her.

And below are a few pictures of Hayden from earlier this week at a "Save The Whales Again!" news conference in Washington D.C. She was joined by Senator John Kerry, who I love!

Happy Birthday Justin!!!

Today, Justin Timberlake turns 27... and that age has never been sexier! So far, Mr. JT has been enjoying an awesome birthday week by spending some time with friends, working in the studio with Esmee, and filming a music video in London with the queen of pop, Madonna!

Below is a picture of Justin leaving the set of his video collaboration with Madge.

Here he is later that night with girlfriend Jessica Biel.

And for those of you watching the Super Bowl this Sunday, don't miss Justin's new Pepsi commercial! I've seen it, it's great! Some of it was filmed at his hot-spot New York restaurant Southern Hospitality and just so you know, Justin did all his own stunts. Also, look for cameos from Justin's best friend Trace Ayala, cousin Rachael, and two other celebs that I won't reveal so you can be surprised!

Please Don't Believe Everything You Read

Britney Spears is, most importantly, OK. But yes, she is in the hospital again. And I'm only going to blog about this once so that people know to pray for her and wish her good thoughts. Hopefully this time she will get the help that will give her piece of mind, something she hasn't had for a little more than a year.

As always, certain media outlets are reporting on rumors which have absolutely no truth to them. At such a difficult time, and out of respect for Britney and her family, I'm only going to address the facts. Britney has been taken to UCLA Medical Center and has family and friends by her side. That's all that's known 100%. But I will say that I'm hearing very good things from people.com, just so you know.

My thoughts and prayers are with her, as always.

January 30, 2008

Edwards Drops Out

John Edwards will be exiting the presidential race today, delivering a speech sometime around 1pm. I love John, he's such a nice guy (I met him several months ago), and I'm hoping for an Obama/Edwards ticket come November!

Update: Giuliani has dropped out as well.

The Devil Wears Prada Meets Top Model

I am extremely excited about today's breaking news!

The CW has given Tyra Banks the green-light for a new show unofficially described as "The Devil Wears Prada" meets "The Assistant," a competition show about aspiring assistants looking to become assistant editors at a fashion magazine!

This sounds brilliant! Where do I audition?

January 29, 2008

You're Invited!

Want to shop with Lauren Conrad and be the first to own a piece from her new clothing line? Well, you can if you live in Los Angeles. On Tuesday February 5th you can shop with Lauren at West Pico Blvd.s Intuition from 6-8pm!!! You must RSVP at RSVP@SHOPINTUITION.com by February 1st.

The Britney Beat

Thanks to the never ending surveillance of the stalkerazzie I'm sure everyone knows the Britney drama that went down last night. Can't a girl have some privacy, please? It's so heartbreaking to see this happening to her. At least some paparazzi got cited by police for illegal parking outside of Britney's house.

Anyways, the good news is that at the end of the day Britney went home to her parents, who were waiting for her at her house. Today, rumors are swirling that Britney's mom Lynne, Best friend/Manager Sam Lutfi, and the law firm representing her, Trope and Trope, have come together with a plan to get Britney treatment.

In more Spears news, Zoey 101, starring Jamie Lynn Spears, came back big Sunday night, averaging 5.9 million viewers for back-to-back new episodes! It's good to see some Americans still believe in second chances!

My Top 5 SAG Moments

For those of you who missed the 14th annual SAG Awards this past Sunday, here are the moments that I think stood out the most...

No. 5, Seacrest out! The hardest working man in showbiz called off sick! And for Ryan to stay away from "the" red carpet event of the season the poor man must have been on his death bed. I'm worried, but I'm sure he's OK.

No. 4, Sandra Oh's Korean runway inspired dress by a brand new designer, I can't remember the name.

No. 3, Debra Messing's golden goddess look! It's a shame she didn't win for her role in The Starter Wife.

No. 2, The Brangelina arrival that had everybodys jaws dropping. Just look at the photo below, need I say more?

No. 1, Daniel Day-Lewis' acceptance speech. Truly the most heartwarming part of the night. Daniel was named best actor for his role in There Will Be Blood and dedicated the award to Heath Ledger. Now, he was on Oprah earlier this week and brought up the subject of Heath's passing, saying that although he had never met him he was very moved by his performances. I had never been all that familiar with Daniel before but now I think he's such a stand-up-guy and I love him!

Broadway Boys

I just had to post these darling pictures of John Gallagher Jr. and Jonathan Groff, reunited for the first time on camera since JGJ left the cast of Spring Awakening in December. Here the boys are teaching a master class for the Broadway Artists Alliance for students ages 10-21. Other classes feature guest instructors from Young Frankenstein, The Little Mermaid, and Hairspray. Oh how I wish I were a part of this!!!

January 27, 2008

Another Brangelina Baby?

Ever since her mother passed away, Angelina Jolie has been far from her normal self, and understandably so. But Angie looked positively glowing at tonight's SAG Awards!!! She looked vibrant, healthy, and had a smile on her face every time I saw her. Er, I might just have to confirm her pregnancy (rumors) myself after tonight!

PS: For anyone who wasn't watching the E! News red carpet, there was a funny moment where Brad stepped on Angie's dress causing her to trip and a wardrobe malfunction. But the duo just laughed it off.

Mom & Dad Take The Night Off

This is the first time we've seen Nicole Richie and Joel Madden hit the town since the arrival of their little girl, Harlow.

Miss America

I found last nights Miss America question & answer portion of the show very interesting. If the question wasn't about Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan then the answer was about Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan. And when asked why 75% of Americans think the country is headed in the wrong direction, the answer given was "because of people like Paris and Lindsay." Um, what about the war? The failed economy? The effect of our co2 emissions on Global Warming? The yet to be settled civil rights movement? ... I'm thinking that people's desire to pass all forms of judgement and responsibility on to those in the public eye may just be part of the problem as well.

Anyways, here's one media-focused question, posed to Miss Indiana, that I feel actually got a realistic response.

"Britney Spears' 16-year-old unmarried sister stars in a children's TV series and is pregnant. Should she be fired from the show?"

The answer:

"I don't think that she should be fired from the show. Many teens get pregnant today but that doesn't make them bad people. It may mean that they didn't make the smartest decision but they're still people, they're still human beings. We all make mistakes and we all deserve second chances, so she shouldn't be fired."

I agree. It's a good show, with good values, and there's no reason to take it off of the air. Besides, Jamie's not the only one who put time and effort into Zoey 101. Cheers!

Sometimes The Smartest People Have The Most To Learn

Finally, the trailer for the new Miramax film Smart People has been released!!! And it looks great, though I may be a bit biased considering I'm in it. But from what I've heard out of Sundance, it's really charming and the cast is brill. Click HERE to view the trailer.

Barack And Roll

I cannot tell you how much I love Barack Obama, and how happy I was to hear that he won the primary in South Carolina last night! He is everything our country needs and so much more. Here is an excerpt, arguably the best part, from the speech he gave after winning:

"So let me remind you tonight that change will not be easy. That change will take time. There will be setbacks, and false starts, and sometimes we will make mistakes. But as hard as it may seem, we cannot lose hope. Because there are people all across this country who are counting us; who can’t afford another four years without health care or good schools or decent wages because our leaders couldn’t come together and get it done.

Theirs are the stories and voices we carry on from South Carolina.

The mother who can’t get Medicaid to cover all the needs of her sick child – she needs us to pass a health care plan that cuts costs and makes health care available and affordable for every single American.

The teacher who works another shift at Dunkin Donuts after school just to make ends meet – she needs us to reform our education system so that she gets better pay, and more support, and her students get the resources they need to achieve their dreams.

The Maytag worker who is now competing with his own teenager for a $7-an-hour job at Wal-Mart because the factory he gave his life to shut its doors – he needs us to stop giving tax breaks to companies that ship our jobs overseas and start putting them in the pockets of working Americans who deserve it. And struggling homeowners. And seniors who should retire with dignity and respect.

The woman who told me that she hasn’t been able to breathe since the day her nephew left for Iraq, or the soldier who doesn’t know his child because he’s on his third or fourth tour of duty – they need us to come together and put an end to a war that should’ve never been authorized and never been waged.

The choice in this election is not between regions or religions or genders. It’s not about rich versus poor; young versus old; and it is not about black versus white.

It’s about the past versus the future.

It’s about whether we settle for the same divisions and distractions and drama that passes for politics today, or whether we reach for a politics of common sense, and innovation – a shared sacrifice and shared prosperity.

There are those who will continue to tell us we cannot do this. That we cannot have what we long for. That we are peddling false hopes.

But here’s what I know. I know that when people say we can’t overcome all the big money and influence in Washington, I think of the elderly woman who sent me a contribution the other day – an envelope that had a money order for $3.01 along with a verse of scripture tucked inside. So don’t tell us change isn’t possible."

A Kennedy Has Spoken!

The feelings of American Royalty, this is a MUST read, for anyone who wants to be part of a historic moment:

"Over the years, I’ve been deeply moved by the people who’ve told me they wished they could feel inspired and hopeful about America the way people did when my father was president. This sense is even more profound today. That is why I am supporting a presidential candidate in the Democratic primaries, Barack Obama.

My reasons are patriotic, political and personal, and the three are intertwined. All my life, people have told me that my father changed their lives, that they got involved in public service or politics because he asked them to. And the generation he inspired has passed that spirit on to its children. I meet young people who were born long after John F. Kennedy was president, yet who ask me how to live out his ideals.

Sometimes it takes a while to recognize that someone has a special ability to get us to believe in ourselves, to tie that belief to our highest ideals and imagine that together we can do great things. In those rare moments, when such a person comes along, we need to put aside our plans and reach for what we know is possible.

We have that kind of opportunity with Senator Obama. It isn’t that the other candidates are not experienced or knowledgeable. But this year, that may not be enough. We need a change in the leadership of this country — just as we did in 1960.

Most of us would prefer to base our voting decision on policy differences. However, the candidates’ goals are similar. They have all laid out detailed plans on everything from strengthening our middle class to investing in early childhood education. So qualities of leadership, character and judgment play a larger role than usual.

Senator Obama has demonstrated these qualities throughout his more than two decades of public service, not just in the United States Senate but in Illinois, where he helped turn around struggling communities, taught constitutional law and was an elected state official for eight years. And Senator Obama is showing the same qualities today. He has built a movement that is changing the face of politics in this country, and he has demonstrated a special gift for inspiring young people — known for a willingness to volunteer, but an aversion to politics — to become engaged in the political process.

I have spent the past five years working in the New York City public schools and have three teenage children of my own. There is a generation coming of age that is hopeful, hard-working, innovative and imaginative. But too many of them are also hopeless, defeated and disengaged. As parents, we have a responsibility to help our children to believe in themselves and in their power to shape their future. Senator Obama is inspiring my children, my parents’ grandchildren, with that sense of possibility.

Senator Obama is running a dignified and honest campaign. He has spoken eloquently about the role of faith in his life, and opened a window into his character in two compelling books. And when it comes to judgment, Barack Obama made the right call on the most important issue of our time by opposing the war in Iraq from the beginning.

I want a president who understands that his responsibility is to articulate a vision and encourage others to achieve it; who holds himself, and those around him, to the highest ethical standards; who appeals to the hopes of those who still believe in the American Dream, and those around the world who still believe in the American ideal; and who can lift our spirits, and make us believe again that our country needs every one of us to get involved.

I have never had a president who inspired me the way people tell me that my father inspired them. But for the first time, I believe I have found the man who could be that president — not just for me, but for a new generation of Americans."

- Caroline Kennedy

January 25, 2008

Deja Vu

With the release of Sex and the City: The Movie still four months away I have nothing better to do with my time than to pick apart and analyze the series piece by piece. I mean, really, how else is a girl expected to get by? So, I'd like to share a little something with you... Introducing, Carrie's favorite, gasp, fur coat.

The vintage fur makes its debut in season one. We first see Carrie wearing it while walking down Madison Avenue.

It's back in season two.

And again in season three. This time, the coat serves a new purpose since it can be converted to a jacket by detaching the bottom.

Lastly, Spoiler Alert, we'll see the coat once again on the big screen, as you can see from one of the on-set photos below!

Brody No Longer On Team LC

Maybe I've been out of the loop, but I've only just found out that Brody Jenner has a girlfriend, and it's not Lauren! He's dating Cora Skinner (a model) and told PEOPLE magazine that "She’s met the parents. She’s part of the family." And don't expect to see Cora on an episode of The Hills anytime soon, Brody also told PEOPLE he's choosing to "keep her away" from the hit show.

I always wanted Lauren to end up with Stephen Coletti anyway. And check out how cute she looks in this picture, still out and about working on her designs wearing the same sunglasses, scarf, and bag from earlier in the week.

Sundance Recap

Here's a look at some of my favorite outfits recently worn at the Sundance Film Festival now under way in Park City, Utah.

And check out Paris Hilton paying homage to herself by sporting a shirt with a caricature of her and Tink on it!

Lookin' Good

Mr. JT spent a night out on the town sans Jessica, and I love it!

More More More

And the hype just wont stop! Fashion Icon Sarah Jessica Parker poses as Carrie Bradshaw in New York for print ads to promote the upcoming Sex and the City movie! Doesn't she looks fabulous!? I think I'm going to sport Carrie's signature gloves to the movie in May as part of my ensemble.

January 24, 2008

The Hills Are Alive

Here's everybody's favorite reality TV starlet, Lauren Conrad, heading to a meeting with designers at her new house. She looks so classy in her little black dress, Louboutin heels, and Chanel bag! I can't wait for new episodes of The Hills!

On The Campaign Trail

Presidential hopeful John Edwards made a campaign/Wendy's fast food stop at the Tyra Banks show in NYC recently. The episode is set to air Friday, as in tomorrow. So, first Barack, then Hilary, and now John have been guests on the Tyra show while all of the republican candidates have turned down their invitations. Looks like the democrats are working extra hard to get the younger generations vote!

Blonde Reality

After weeks of rumors, MTV has confirmed they will once again join forces with Broadways Legally Blonde The Musical. This time in the form of a reality television show in search of a new 'Elle' to take over for current lead Laura Bell Bundy. Auditions start this month and "Legally Blonde: The Search for the New Elle Woods" will air this spring.

This sounds a bit like NBC's "Grease: You're the One that I Want," don't you think? And since then the Grease revival has been a hit. Maybe this will give Legally Blonde a much needed boost. It's a totally fun show. Snaps for Elle!

Anthony Rapp

Attention RENTheads! You've read what Adam Pascal has to say about the closing of RENT, now it's Anthony Rapp's turn... Click HERE to watch a video of Anthony's heartbreaking take on "the end of an era." I'm not kidding, it's absolutely HEARTBREAKING!

Another Show Bites The Dust...

It was announced today that Broadways The Color Purple will play its final performance on Sunday, February 24, 2008. I had tickets to see the show this past summer but passed on the opportunity because Fantasia Barrino was "out" on vacation and I wanted to see her in the role of Celie. But I planned on seeing it eventually. I guess that will never happen.

Oh well, I guess with the current flood of closing Broadway shows there will be more room for new musicals like Shrek, Cry Baby, and Catch Me If You Can.

Sorry Ice Cream

... She's dreaming of a different dessert.

With all the chaos surrounding my girl Britney Spears these days it's good to see she took some time to enjoy Pinkberry shaved ice and frozen yogurt! Even Ellen Degeneres featured the tasty treat on her show last week. It's "tart and sweet, fresh and airy, blue and black, straw and raspberry..."

If you haven't yet had Pinkberry, you really MUST!

The bad news is, obviously, Britney's still dating Adnan.

January 23, 2008

Dior 08

Of all the spring 2008 couture fashion shows I think the line by Christian Dior is my favorite. His vibrant earth and animal inspired line is unique and whimsical, not to mention entertaining. I can't wait to see what the ready-to-wear line looks like! Below are just a few of the highlights.

Mourning Heath

I still can't believe that this has happened. It always takes something like this to remind us that life can be cut short at any moment, it doesn't matter how beautiful it is.


It was our pleasure to witness and be entertained by such a gifted actor. He will be sadly missed.

This Had To Be Posted

The featured story on Yahoo News today is that a study found that President Bush and administration officials made hundreds of untrue statements about Iraq and the threat on national security in the two years following September 11th. 935 false statements to be exact, as a part of an orchestrated campaign that effectively galvanized public opinion and, in the process, led the nation to war under decidedly false pretenses.

Well, I think this story speaks for itself and I'm not even going to comment on it.

January 22, 2008

Oscar Noms

The Oscar nominations were announced this morning and there were a few surprises. To view the entire list of nominees, click HERE. The 80th Annual Academy Awards will be held on February 24th, with or without the writers and celebrities.

January 21, 2008

The Other Boleyn Girl

My favorite movie trailer of the moment is that of The Other Boleyn Girl. Click HERE to view!

Gwen Tres Chic

Check out the cover art for Gwen Stefani's new album. She's wearing the Dolce & Gabbana gown I featured in an earlier post!