February 23, 2008

All-American Girl

I had the pleasure of seeing Carrie Underwood in concert this past Friday night, and she was amazing. That girl can sing! And her voice sounds just as good live as it does on her albums, if not better. No wonder she's country music's golden girl. And she's really improved since I last saw her on the American Idols Live tour back in 2005. Everyone who went with me agreed that she’s really learned how to command the stage. Of course, a few Grammy’s, CMT awards, and a couple of CMA’s would do wonders for anyone’s confidence. My favorite part of the show came during the final song, “Before He Cheats”, when Carrie held the microphone out so that the audience could sing the chorus. Obviously everyone knew the lyrics and we sang it so loud, it sounded awesome! Overall, it was a great concert and I can't wait to see her again.

And for some reason, seeing Carrie made me realize how much I miss my favorite American Idol, Kelly Clarkson. She NEEDS to be back in the spotlight! Click HERE to watch her Sleeping Beauty themed music video for "Don't Waste Your Time."

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