February 13, 2008

American Idol's Big Mistake

For the most part I was happy with the judges choices for the American Idol Top 24, but they made one BIG mistake... passing on Josiah Leming, who was my favorite from the beginning. This kid has raw talent. I'm shocked he didn't make it through. And I had just read an article proclaiming him an "early winner," but sadly the judges didn't feel that way.

So if you get the chance, please give this kid a listen. He has several videos on youtube and they're brilliant! Plus, he writes all his songs himself. Click HERE to be directed to my favorite, "Bad News Baby."

With that said, my favorite contestants include:

Danny Norriega. An 18-year-old from California with a great fashion sense, and who loves Britney Spears (sounds like my kind of guy).

Brooke White. She was featured on the premiere episode, in Philly, and has been one of my favorites ever since!

David Archuleta. An adorable 17-year-old with a very mature voice.

Kristy Lee Cook. She was another one of my favorites from the premiere episode. And guess who her favorite male artist is? Justin Timberlake! Yet another contestant I have something in common with.

Ramiele Macrowon. The tiny little 20-year-old with the big voice and awesome style! And she also likes Mr. JT.

There are several other contestants I like, but as for now these five are my favorites.

Update: Check out the article I read today, by Lyndsey Parker:

Well, only hours after I sung the praises of American Idol semi-finalist Josiah Leming and prematurely cleared a space for his voting number on my speed-dial (sorry, Mom, I'll re-program your number later), I've been hit with the shocking news that this favorite contestant of mine did not make it through to the final 24.

I'm about to cry on cue--just like Josiah himself!

Seriously, despite Josiah's barely-standing version of "Stand By Me" last night, I stood by him. I definitely still thought he was worthy of a spot among the the 12 final boys. And my respect for him only grew when I checked out his MySpace page and discovered that his influences included cool, credible Britpop bands like Radiohead, Travis, Blur, Echo & the Bunnymen, Oasis, Supergrass, and Keane (not to mention Mika, the U.K songwriter he covered on last night's show).

I honestly can't believe a Brit like Simon Cowell let a promising young Anglophile like Josiah slip away. Blimey!

Well, until the Idol powers-that-be reinstate the "wild card" policy that once gave ousted Idol semi-finalists like Clay Aiken a second chance, I encourage all my fellow Lemingheads to petition on the message board below, begging Simon, Randy, and Paula to give poor Josiah another shot. Or at least encourage Idol sponsor Ford Motors give the boy a new Focus or something, so he has a nicer, newer car to sleep in.

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