March 25, 2008

Some Doors Should Never Be Opened

I just finished reading a brilliant children's book, written by Neil Gaiman, called Coraline. The story's about a little girl who, feeling neglected by her parents, decides to explore the grounds of her new home. Soon after, she steps through a door and into another world, much like her own, but weirdly different. From then on, Coraline is confronted with the strangest, most fantastical situations that make the story more gothic, and more adult then I ever expected.

This book is so strange and so thrilling, the only thing I can think to compare it to is Pan's Labyrinth. Really, it's a great read!

And, although the book was first published in 2003, it will soon get a boost in popularity thanks to the movie adaption due out in December. The movie is from the director of The Nightmare Before Christmas and stars Dakota Fanning and Teri Hatcher. Click HERE to watch the teaser trailer!

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