March 26, 2008

Accessories Are Set To Upstage Your Outfit

According to most women, jeans and a t-shirt are our default items. So, how do we set ourselves apart? We accessorize.

I for one, would be happy to accessorize with any of these items:

I love this orange Miss Trish of Capri sandal. But how does being leather, and made in Italy, constitue $445.00?

I also love this patent leather sandal with the gold knocker and studs, again by Miss Trish of Capri, but not as expensive. $245.00. Still, when did sandals start costing so much?

Yes, they're still in style, and I really like this natural colored fedora with a thin brown strap, from Christy's Crown Series.

And, this Ettika bracelet puts a modern day twist on traditional rosary beads. But, I like it because of the gold hamsa... it's a Kabbalah thing.

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Anonymous said...

i think you might like this too...

hamsa galore!!