March 31, 2008

Club Sandwiches Not Seals

Now is the time for me to blog about something I am most passionate about, stopping the largest slaughter of marine mammals on earth, the cruel and barbaric Canadian seal hunt.

At this time, each year, fishermen from Canada's East Coast kill seals with wooden clubs, hakapiks and guns. It is important to note that each killing method is demonstrably cruel. Because sealers shoot at seals from moving boats, the pups are often only wounded. The main sealskin processing plant in Canada deducts $2 from the price they pay for the skins for each bullet hole they find, therefore, sealers are loath to shoot seals more than once. As a result, wounded seals are often left to suffer in agony, many slip beneath the surface of the water where they die slowly and are never recovered.

The hunt began this past weekend, on Friday morning. By today, Monday, sealers had clubbed thousands of seals, with 275,000 expected to be brutally clubbed or shot for their fur over the next few weeks.

For four years, The Humane Society of the United States' ProtectSeals team has stood its ground as Canada's extraordinary harp seal nurseries are transformed each spring into bloody killing fields. Exposing the hunt is the surest way to stop it forever.

As another year's slaughter begins, visit the HSUS Protect Seals website, HERE, and help end this hunt once and for all.

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