March 26, 2008

He Caused A Scene

David Cook easily delivered the best performance on American Idol last night. He sang the Chris Cornell arrangement of "Billy Jean," and blew it out of the water! So, you better believe he got a lot of votes from me. He keeps getting better and better, and more original each and every week! He's now, officially, my second favorite contestant, David Archuleta still being my first.

If you're a fan of his, I would suggest purchasing his studio recording of "Eleanor Rigby" on itunes.


sb said...

I think it was last week or maybe the week before I said I really liked him and Maura said she just doesn't get him. I think it was the week David forgot the the words to his song. I'd be willing to bet she gets him now. hehe

Malia Renee' said...

She's just wants to stay loyal to Chris... but she did say that he won her over last night.