April 8, 2008

The Fab Four Hit The Red Carpet

The stars of Sex and the City: The Movie reunited on the red carpet Monday night at a Point Foundation benefit in New York City.

Getting all four actresses in one place is "very rare," Sarah Jessica Parker told PEOPLE.

Meanwhile the reunion was going straight to Kim Cattrall's head. "It's like champagne," she said of seeing all her fellow costars. "It's intoxicating. My heart flutters a little bit."

Parker, Cattrall and Kristen Davis were all there to cheer on Cynthia Nixon, who was being honored with a Point Courage Award for living an openly gay lifestyle.

"Its nice when someone thinks that the way you're living is nice enough that you should receive an award for it," Nixon told PEOPLE.

The Calvin Klein-clad actress accepted the award with humility and grace. "When you're a young gay person, you yearn for nothing so much as the presence of other gay people," she said, "most especially, an older generation of gay people who can encourage and inspire you."

"The way she lives her life is good work," added Parker, who was also on hand to present the Point Inspiration Award to Time Warner. "She leads by example."

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