April 13, 2008

Desperate Returns!

Wisteria Lane survived a tornado, but more tempests are coming when ABC's Desperate Housewives returns tonight!

USA TODAY is reporting that executive producer Marc Cherry and his writers had to condense plots to adjust to the shorter season, so "something huge is going to happen in every single episode.”

Tonight’s episode will pick up from January's inadvertent cliffhanger, when the daughter of recent arrival Katherine learned details of a secret her mother had been hiding since her earlier time on Wisteria Lane.

Viewers will "start getting a sense of what it was Katherine did 12 years ago," says Cherry, who promises to resolve that mystery by the end of the two-hour season finale.

The episode will also feature guest star Chris Carmack (fans of The OC rejoice, Luke Ward is back!) who will drop a clue about the mystery and gets into a romantic entanglement that upsets his cousin, Susan.

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