September 7, 2008

No Day But Today

RENT, the landmark Pulitzer Prize/Tony Award-winning Broadway musical that melded a rock sound with story and character like no other musical before it, ends its 12-year run tonight, September 7th, at the Nederlander Theatre in NYC.

The musical, created by the late Jonathan Larson, is the seventh longest-running musical in Broadway history, and, according to most theatergoers, the Great White Way's heart & soul.

RENT has helped audiences realize the importance of expression, acceptance, emotion, devotion, individuality, creation, choice, friends, family, life, and (of course) love.

Although tonight's final curtain call will mark the end of an era, the power of Jonathan Larson’s words and music will continue to live on in the hearts and minds of the people it touched, myself included.

Goodbye love.

Viva La Vie Boheme!

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