September 13, 2008

I'm Ready For A Green Economy

The first presidential debate is scheduled for September 26th. The next day, the candidates will watch us. On Saturday, September 27th Green Jobs Now! will launch a national mobilization to demonstrate that the country is ready for the new green economy.

Green Jobs Now! will empower everyday people to stage hundreds of grassroots events throughout the country. All you need to organize a Green Jobs Now! event is a good idea, good people, and a camera, and you must do AT LEAST two things:

1. Upload a photo or a video of themselves, holding a sign that says “I’m Ready.”

2. Sign the “I’m Ready” petition HERE.

The more people who appear in each image, the better. The more images the mobilization gets, the better. And the more people who sign the petition, the better. When thousands of people are united behind one goal – “Green Jobs Now” – the next Congress and President will pay attention.

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