July 23, 2008

Sienna's No Pushover

E! Online reports that, for the second time in seven months, Sienna Miller has launched legal action against two British tabloids for running topless photos of her. Sienna's law firm, Carter-Ruck, has served breach-of-privacy papers to News of the World, The Sun and Big Pictures, the photo agency that snapped the candids of Sienna and Balthazar Getty's clothes-eschewing Italian vacation.

If you haven't heard of the scandal by now: Sienna was photographed kissing Balthazar, who is married but separated, and his wife is said to feel "humiliated" by the very public romance.

But, I don't care what's happening. Affair or no affair. Nobody deserves to have their private lives (or private parts) spewed across the pages of a tabloid.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Her private lives and private parts were on display on a very PUBLIC beach. Get a room, folks! Flaunting your affair in public is exhibitionistic, not to say grossly disrespectful to the spouse.

Anonymous said...

Well, if the photographer's hadn't snapped those photos, from probably 100 yards away, then there would be no "public" affair to speak of. What people do on their porch, or on their boat while out at sea, is none of our business, right or wrong.

I feel bad for Balthazar's wife, but, it doesn't look like he and Sienna were trying to go public. I mean, they weren't out to dinner at the Ivy or walking hand-in-hand down Robertson Blvd.

There's no winner in this situation.