July 28, 2008

LiLo Is OK

Lindsay Lohan's rep is making roadkill of reports that the trouble-magnet starlet spent some quality time in a New York hospital after getting sideswiped by a motorcycle.

The New York Post and TMZ both claimed that Lohan and constant companion Samantha Ronson were leaving a Gotham club late last night in New York City when she was supposedly flattened. Lohan was reportedly treated at Beth Israel Medical Center and released early this morning.

The Post even quoted Lohan's dad, Michael, as saying, "She's not hurt. That's all I really care about."

But according to publicist Leslie Sloane, there might be another reason the actress isn't hurt, and that's because the reports are bunk. "I spoke to Lindsay," Sloane tells E! News, "and she said nothing happened."

There you go, La Lohan going to a club and nothing happening. Now that's breaking news.

Source: E! Online

I was so surprised, last night, when I read about Shia and Lindsay both being in accidents. It's good news that at least one of the stories was false.

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