January 22, 2009

Going For The Oscar Gold

The Oscars are coming! The Oscars are coming!

This morning, Sid Ganis and Forest Whitaker announced the nominations for the 81st Academy Awards.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button leads the nominations with 13, among them one for Best Picture and one for Best Actor (Brad Pitt). Other front-runners include Slumdog Millionaire (10 nominations), Milk (8 nominations), The Reader (5 nominations), and Frost/Nixon (5 nominations).

Joining Brad in the Best Actor category is Richard Jenkins, Frank Langella, Sean Penn, and Mickey Rourke. Angelina Jolie, Kate Winslet, Anne Hathaway, Melissa Leo, and Meryl Streep are the Best Actress nominees.

I'm going to be in-and-out of my local theater for the next month because I have not yet seen all the films and I have no authority to make predictions. But, I will say: What about Leonardo DiCaprio? Why the snub? Kate Winslet couldn't have given a Golden Globe-winning, Oscar worthy performance in Revolutionary Road without him!

... I'm still bitter that Leo didn't get nominated in 1997 for Titanic (and Kate did).

The Oscars will air on February 22nd.

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