January 20, 2009

A Day To Remember

Today may have been the single most historic day any living American will ever experience. And, although I feel blessed to have seen it (and to have been a part of making it possible), I wish I could have been in Washington D.C. to see it first hand and to share the experience with the new first family and millions of others.

Oh well. I sure did make the best of my time at home, sitting in front of the TV watching CNN with every spare minute I had, and drinking wine with my mom.

What a thrilling day!


Amber W said...

Malia!! hi! It is Amber Walters! I was just listening to a song by Kate Voegele and I glanced at a picture of her very quickly and I thought she looked like you for a minute!! Then I remembered Maura talking about your blog and I had to stop by and see what the latest news was!! Hope all is well! Take care of Chloe! hah :)

Malia Renee' said...

Thanks Amber! You know Chloe is the "First Lady" of this house!