January 15, 2009

American Idol Pulls It Off

I didn't expect to say this, ever, but the producers of American Idol made the right decision when they asked Kara DioGuardi to join the show.

I thought she'd be an unwelcome presence at the judges table, but instead, she's a breath of fresh air. She knows what the music industry's like, she knows what sells, and she's not going to put up with bull-shit from the contestants (or Simon). I think she's great!

As for the 2 night, 4 hour premiere; it had its ups and downs. As always, there were a lot of tone deaf, out-of-touch wannabes (and a stupid girl in a bikini). But there were a few stand out singers too, and a few more with potential.

I really liked Emily Hughes, the rock chick who sang Baracuda. She's my favorite so far! I also liked Arianna Fisher. She's the teenager who volunteers her voice at an "old folks home." Scott Macyntire. The blind man who went to college when he was 14 years old. Ashley Anderson, who sang the song Simon co-wrote with Leona Lewis. Casey Carlson, Jessica Furney, Danny Okey, Asa Barnes, and Lil Rounds. Oh, and I liked Michael Castro, mainly because he's Jason's brother.

I'm looking forward to next week.

PS: 19 Entertainment announced today that more than 30 million viewers tuned into the eighth-season premiere of American Idol on Fox, making it the highest-rated telecast and night of the 2008-09 television season.

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