January 27, 2009

Barack Walks The Walk For Global Warming

President Obama will reverse the policy of the Bush administration and allow states to limit the level of greenhouse gas emissions from automobiles, and will direct the EPA to approve a request by California to impose its own strict limits. The new administration will also ask the EPA to move forward on new fuel-efficiency guidelines for 2011 model-year cars.

While global warming is a top priority for the new administration, a disturbing new poll suggests the general public is cooling on the climate change issue. Declining interest may not be shocking as focus shifts to the immediate troubled economy, but without vigilant attention to stopping global warming our long-term economic and security health is at serious risk.

For a perspective on how much we are underestimating the global warming problem, read the essay "Think Again: Climate Change" by author, environmentalist and Virtual Marcher Bill McKibben.

Source: StopGlobalWarming.org

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