August 10, 2008

Team Elizabeth

As you must know by now, former Sen. John Edwards admitted to the press to having an affair, something he admitted to his family two years ago. I was very saddened to hear this, but I want to express my best wishes and support for the Edwards family during this difficult time.

I have always respected and admired them, and, when I met John and Elizabeth (post-affair) they were gracious, friendly, funny, and appeared to have a deep love for each other. The two of them, their daughter Kate, and their two youngest children have been through a lot. First, the loss of a son and brother. Then, the presence of cancer in their home, twice. And now they have to deal with a very hurtful private matter on a very public stage.

So, I hope that they get the privacy that they need, and I know (especially if Elizabeth has anything to do with it) that their family will pull through this.

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