August 27, 2008

DNC Day 3

WOW! The third night of the 2008 Democratic National Convention was insane! Bill Clinton delivered an awesome speech, as usual. My man John Kerry pointed out the differences between "John McCain the Senator" and "John McCain the candidate," and suggested that John settle the debate with himself before debating Barack. Haha. And future VP Joe Biden (and family) made a touching, official entrance into the historic campaign for change.

But that's not all. A special surprise guest made an appearance at the end of the night... Barack Obama himself!

Barack's unexpected visit reduced yours truly to tears. The realization that this is actually happening, that tomorrow night Barack will accept the nomination for President of the United States, is just mind-blowing. It's life changing! Democrats like me (Yes, I'm going to take some credit for this!) are writing the pages of history that, 45 years ago tomorrow, Dr. King only dreamed would happen. WOW!

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