August 29, 2008

Sarah Who?

Sen. John McCain his made his VP pick. Sarah Palin. And his decision (his first BIG decision on the road to the White House) has left Americans asking, "Sarah who?"

She looks nice enough. (The 44-year-old is a former beauty queen. She competed in the Miss Alaska contest in 1984.) She sounds nice enough. (As a mother of 5, she has served on the PTA.) But, does she have the quality that has been the McCain campaigns driving force over the last couple of months? Experience?

She began her career as a two-term mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, a small town of 6,500. From there she became governor, and has been for just 20 months.

So, let me get this straight? Barack Obama has served in his statehouse for eight years, and his country (on a national level) for nearly 4 years, but does not have the experience necessary to be President? Yet Americans are expected to believe that Sarah Palin, who has served in her statehouse for 20 months, and never on a national level, does have the experience necessary to be President?

Out of all the other qualified Republicans, John McCain thinks Sarah Palin is the next-best person to lead this country during such hard times. He wants her one-heartbeat-away from the oval office. And, get this, he had only met her one time before making this decision. What does that say about his judgement?

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