August 26, 2008

Madge Slams McCain

Madonna has sparked another controversy by including Republican presidential hopeful John McCain in a video montage shown on her new tour that includes Adolf Hitler and Robert Mugabe.

The montage is shown as Madonna performs the song "Get Stupid" on her "Sticky & Sweet" tour. Images of McCain, Hitler and Mugabe appear among shots depicting destruction and global warming until the song ends, when images of John Lennon, Al Gore, Mahatma Gandhi and Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama are shown.

Source: Us Magazine

Now, while I personally wouldn't compare John McCain to Adolf Hitler or Robert Mugabe and understand why the McCain camp would call the comparisons "outrageous," I think it's a little bit funny that the GOP Sen. can't accept a strategy he used only weeks ago. What's the difference in comparing Barack Obama to celebrities considered "useless" by some if you're trying to suggest he is one in the same, and comparing John McCain to dictators if you're trying to suggest that he may be one in the same? It may not be truthful, on both charges, but it's strategy.

Come on now! Madonna wouldn't be Madonna if she didn't "express" herself. And, I bet the 40,000 people at her tour opener enjoyed the political jab.

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