October 8, 2008

The Morning After

As you know, John McCain and Barack Obama debated for the 2nd time last night. And, after the 90 minute town hall-style debate was all over and done with, guess who came out on top?

Well, if you believe the almost-always accurate national polls, round 2 went to Obama!

CNN's national poll of debate watchers found that 54% said Obama did the best job, compared to 30% who said McCain performed better. A CBS News/Knowledge Networks poll of uncommitted voters found a similar result: 40% said Obama won, 26% said McCain won. And, a new online Ipsos/McClatchy poll says Obama beat McCain in the eyes of undecided voters by 61 to 39%.

Newsweek, MSNBC, ABC News, and even FOX News polls also show Obama as the winner.

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