November 21, 2008

Twilight Hits Theaters

The day has come. It's time to see if Twilight can live up to all the hype. I'm projecting that the film will open with no more than $70 million.

If you're going to see it, be sure to arrive at the theater a bit early, not only to get a ticket, but to make sure you see the previews (the newest trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is running before the film!).

Update: My estimate was so close... Twilight grossed $70.6 million in its first weekend. I'd also like to point out that it opened with 10's of million's of dollar's less than any one of the 'Harry Potter' films. So, to anyone who thought Twilight could be the next HP, think again!

Update No. 2: Twilight actually only grossed $69.9 million. The first reported numbers were inaccurate.

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Anonymous said...

I think 70 million is way to high, 38 million maybe. Watch POTTER trailers here.