November 19, 2008

The Sexiest Man Alive

He's a triple threat: a star who can sing, dance and wield a weapon.

At 6 ft. 2 in., all scruff and biceps, Hugh Jackman looms large in the soon-to-be-released epic Australia, which he says kept him "dirty 95 percent of the time" and left people stammering, "Oh ... my ... God," according to costar Nicole Kidman, who adds, "Women's jaws drop when Hugh walks into a room."

Jackman's wife of 12 years, Deborra-Lee Furness, calls his perfect form "the Body of Doom – but I like what's inside": a romantic who sings ballads at home and makes pancakes for children Oscar, 8, and Ava, 3.

A hard body with a soft center, that's why Hugh Jackman's PEOPLE's 2008 Sexiest Man Alive.

Source: PEOPLE

From what I saw on Oprah's Australia special a few weeks ago - women nearly fainting at the very mention of Hugh's name - I think PEOPLE magazine made the right choice!

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