May 22, 2008

David Wins "Idol"

Although my dream for David Archuleta (from day 1) was crushed, I'm very happy for David Cook, and excited to see how he'll do. It'll be tricky to fill the commercial role of the "American Idol" as well as the non-conformist role of an American rock-star. But, I have faith in him.

My favorite moments from last nights finale:
1) The Davids Nickelback duet!!!
2) Ryan Seacrest nearly being thrown off the stage on a magic carpet, and his spur-of-the-moment breakdance!
3) David Archuleta singing with One Republic (even though he should have sang the whole song while the lead singer just harmonized).
4) The shot of Blake Lewis singing along to Jordin Sparks' song.

My least favorite moments:
1) Anything NON-AMERICAN IDOL, like Donna Summer, Bryan Adams, George Michael, The Love Guru/movie promotions, Jimmy Kimmel, etc. (I'm not specifically saying the Jonas Brothers because I love them!).
2) The lack of interaction with American Idol contestants (past and present). For one thing, Ryan should have interviewed Jordin about the past year (But, instead we got an interview with George Michael about his tour).

PS: I can't wait until the tour!

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