January 31, 2008

Please Don't Believe Everything You Read

Britney Spears is, most importantly, OK. But yes, she is in the hospital again. And I'm only going to blog about this once so that people know to pray for her and wish her good thoughts. Hopefully this time she will get the help that will give her piece of mind, something she hasn't had for a little more than a year.

As always, certain media outlets are reporting on rumors which have absolutely no truth to them. At such a difficult time, and out of respect for Britney and her family, I'm only going to address the facts. Britney has been taken to UCLA Medical Center and has family and friends by her side. That's all that's known 100%. But I will say that I'm hearing very good things from people.com, just so you know.

My thoughts and prayers are with her, as always.

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