January 29, 2008

My Top 5 SAG Moments

For those of you who missed the 14th annual SAG Awards this past Sunday, here are the moments that I think stood out the most...

No. 5, Seacrest out! The hardest working man in showbiz called off sick! And for Ryan to stay away from "the" red carpet event of the season the poor man must have been on his death bed. I'm worried, but I'm sure he's OK.

No. 4, Sandra Oh's Korean runway inspired dress by a brand new designer, I can't remember the name.

No. 3, Debra Messing's golden goddess look! It's a shame she didn't win for her role in The Starter Wife.

No. 2, The Brangelina arrival that had everybodys jaws dropping. Just look at the photo below, need I say more?

No. 1, Daniel Day-Lewis' acceptance speech. Truly the most heartwarming part of the night. Daniel was named best actor for his role in There Will Be Blood and dedicated the award to Heath Ledger. Now, he was on Oprah earlier this week and brought up the subject of Heath's passing, saying that although he had never met him he was very moved by his performances. I had never been all that familiar with Daniel before but now I think he's such a stand-up-guy and I love him!

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