January 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Justin!!!

Today, Justin Timberlake turns 27... and that age has never been sexier! So far, Mr. JT has been enjoying an awesome birthday week by spending some time with friends, working in the studio with Esmee, and filming a music video in London with the queen of pop, Madonna!

Below is a picture of Justin leaving the set of his video collaboration with Madge.

Here he is later that night with girlfriend Jessica Biel.

And for those of you watching the Super Bowl this Sunday, don't miss Justin's new Pepsi commercial! I've seen it, it's great! Some of it was filmed at his hot-spot New York restaurant Southern Hospitality and just so you know, Justin did all his own stunts. Also, look for cameos from Justin's best friend Trace Ayala, cousin Rachael, and two other celebs that I won't reveal so you can be surprised!

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