May 21, 2009

America Gets It Wrong

First black president? Yes. A flamboyant, guy-liner wearing American Idol? Sadly, no.

Kris Allen is the new American Idol, and while I think he's very talented (and seems like a nice guy underneath all of that shyness), he's not a star. Yes, he'll be successful in the music industry, but that's because he'll blend right in with John Mayer, Jason Mraz, and others. He's no better.

Adam, on the other hand, is a star! He commands the stage, oozes confidence, and has a range that rivals Mariah Carey's. There's no one like him! And those that have been like him have been legendary (take glam rockers Freddie Mercury and David Bowie for example).

If you need proof of Adam's brilliance and Kris's mediocrity, watch each guys duet - Kris with Keith Urban (which I couldn't find online) and Adam with Kiss - and then watch their duet with eachother. You'll see who stands out.

Adam and Kiss:

Adam and Kris and company:

...Oh well, I think we can all agree that Adam will be much better off without the infamous 'Idol' title and just as infomous 'Idol' restraints.

One thing's for sure: Last night, Adam wore the most amazing outfit ever seen on the American Idol stage!!!


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