May 20, 2009

Adam v. Kris

To be honest, last night's American Idol final 2 performance show was a bit underwhelming. I agreed with Simon when he said Kris won round 1 and Adam won round 2 (by 1,000,000%). But I don't think anyone "won" round 3.

Kara's song, "No Boundaries," may have been the worst 'Idol' finale song to date. As singers (and as performers) Adam was way too big for it, while Kris was way too small for it. Adam's vocals blew over it, Kris struggled to get through it, and both versions were a mess.

All I have to say is, as usual, I agreed with Simon when he said that the show was in search of a worldwide star, and he truly believes that has been found in Adam.

...But something tells me that America's a little too reserved to agree.

Don't miss tonight's 2 hour finale, starting at 8 PM.

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