April 15, 2009

Sending A Message

The Los Angeles Lakers beat the Utah Jazz, 125-112, in their last regular game of the season, and will meet again on Sunday for the first round of the 2009 NBA Playoffs.

The Lakers finished as the No. 1 team in the West, and the No. 2 team in the league (one game behind the Cleveland Cavaliers). But Kobe says their record doesn't matter, the Lakers feel comfortable playing on any court, and would welcome the chance to play Cleveland in the Finals.


Anonymous said...

If their record doesn't matter why did they play the starters? The Cavs sat all their starters even though a win would have tied Bostons all time home game win record.

Malia Renee' said...

Because Kobe said that they would have liked to have the best record in the NBA, just so they could say that they had it. For bragging rights, of course. But he also said that it doesn't matter when it comes down to their ability to win games (and to be more specific: win games against the Cavs, as they have each matchup this season).