March 8, 2009

Justin In The City

Justin Timberlake (and girlfriend Jessica Biel) made a surprise appearance on SNL's "Weekend Update" last night, and it was super funny! I'll post a video as soon as I can, but, currently, doesn't have it. WTF?

I do, however, have a whole lot of new JT related media I can post!

As you know, Justin was a guest on the premiere episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon this past Monday. Here's a special video message he recorded for Jimmy backstage:

Recently, Justin & Jessica purchased an apartment in TriBeCa in New York City, because Justin's producing a show for MTV. It's an action-packed game show called The Phone, and here's the first trailer:

And last, but not least, here's a cute promo for the upcoming 2009 Kid's Choice Awards starring Dwayne Johnson and you-know-who:

Update: Here's the SNL skit!

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