March 13, 2009

Interview With A Vampire

Robert Pattinson looks smokin' hot in the new issue of GQ magazine! But there's something that has me quite pissed! (And, for all you Brits out there, I don't mean "drunk.")

Journalist Alex Pappademas, who interviewed Rob for the magazine, needs to get his facts straight.

He writes: Two years ago, Robert Pattinson was a forgotten extra in a ‘Harry Potter’ movie. Then he got cast as a blue-balled vampire in ‘Twilight,’ the year’s kazillion-dollar movie franchise, and every woman in America over 14 wants him. Too bad he’s not sure he wants them.

Well, listen up, Alex! Robert was never a "forgotten extra" in a 'Harry Potter' movie. As a matter of fact, he had a featured role in 'The Goblet of Fire'! He played Cedric Diggory, the Hufflepuff Prefect and captain of the Quidditch team! Oh, and not to mention, a Hogwarts Triwizard Champion! Just so you know, Hot Topic was selling "Support Cedric Diggory" shirts (which I still wear!) long before they were selling "Team Edward" shirts! And, by playing Cedric Diggory, Robert obviously stood out enough to be offered more film roles; Twilight included!

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