February 15, 2009

Shooting Stars

Tonight's 58th Annual NBA All-Star game is a hit!

The 4th quarter just started (It's 10:53PM ET), and I'm in my glory; Kobe & Shaq are playing together again. And I mean really playing together! Shaq's blocking for Kobe, Kobe's feeding Shaq the ball under the hoop... It's like they've time-traveled back to the early 2000's! I love it!

If one of them are named MVP, I'll be a very, very happy girl! Of course, my vote's for Kobe.

Update: OMG! It's 11:27PM ET and I'm totally freaking out! The West just beat the East, 146-119, and Kobe & Shaq have been named co-MVP's! They now have 3 NBA All-Star MVP trophies each, and, according to Shaq, are joining the "legendaries." What a perfect ending to a perfect game!

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