February 23, 2009

One Golden Night

Sunday nights Academy Awards were absolutely amazing! Hugh Jackman, the presentations, the performances, and the winners were all awesome! And, I predicted 19 of the 24 awards (my best scorecard total ever!).

I loved how, instead of showing film clips, past winners gave praise to the current nominees before announcing who had won. I also liked how the presenters were kept a secret. It definitely created suspense!

As far as the winners go; I was so happy for Kate Winslet. I cried when Heath Ledger won. I also cried during Dustin Lance Black, and Sean Penn's touching acceptance speeches. And, I started Bollywood dancing every time Slumdog Millionaire won (which was quite often)!

Speaking of 'Slumdog', I loved seeing all of the kids on the red carpet!

Oh, what a night it must have been for them!

There were so many gorgeous gowns, but Angelina Jolie, Taraji P. Henson, Halle Berry, and, surprisingly, Vanessa Hudgens are my picks for best dressed! Angie was a goddess in Elie Saab (those earrings were Kryptonite!). Taraji looked fierce in Roberto Cavalli. And both Halle and Vanessa wowed in Marchesa.

Heidi Klum was the worst dressed, by far.

What was she thinking?

And, representing for the guys (as always) was Brad Pitt, and a clean-shaven Robert Downey Jr.

At the end of the night, the stars hit the town, and here are some photos from the after parties:

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