June 13, 2008

Nothing's Impossible In The City Of Angels

Thursday night's NBA Finals Game 4 didn't go the way the Los Angeles Lakers (and I) had planned it.

The Boston Celtics rallied from a 24-point second-quarter deficit to defeat the Lakers 97-91.

But, there are still 3 possible games left to play, and nothing is impossible when you come from "the city of angels," Los Angeles. We will win on Sunday, in LA, and then we'll take it on the road to Boston. And, trust me, if anyone can rally their team to a historic fairy tale ending, it's Kobe Bryant.

Now the Busta Rythmes (ft. Linkin Park) song, "We Made It," TNT had been playing throughout the playoffs really has meaning to it. The chorus goes like this: "Together we made it. We made it even though we had our backs up against the wall. Forever we waited, and they told us we were never gonna get it, but we took it on the road." The Lakers can surely sing that when they win!

At least Justin had a good time at the Staples Center.

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