June 18, 2008

Next Stop: The Olympics

It's been a disappointing night for me and my fellow Lakers fans. Our boys lost by 39 points, while our rivals, the Boston Celtics, went on to win their 17th NBA title.

Honestly, Boston did deserve to win. They were incredible throughout the 6-game series. But, I just wish they wouldn't have obliterated us like they did on Tuesday. The Lakers have had a great season, and it's a shame that we had to end it in such a devastating way.

All I can say is, that this loss will only make next years win all that much more triumphant. Plus, Kobe already won one MVP trophy this season, he doesn't need another one just yet. And, there's a good chance he'll go on to win an Olympic gold medal this summer.

So, congratulations Los Angeles, for becoming the No. 1 team in the West, taking out the defending champs, and for making it to the NBA finals after one hell of a season! And, congratulations Boston, on one amazing victory!

PS: I love you Kobe.

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