December 6, 2008

Always Fascinating

Now that Britney's back, I think it's time to shift the gear into cruise control! So, here's a little bit of what I haven't been blogging about in the life of Mr. Tom Cruise.

On Thursday, Decemeber 4th, Tom was one of Barbara Walters "10 Most Fascination People of 2008." If you missed it, here's the video (he was charming as usual):

If you'd like to watch an even better video, head over to and watch Tom, and Katie's screen tests for New York Times Magazine Style. They also grace the cover of the new issue.

Here's a cute picture of Tom & Suri leaving their apartment in NYC on Wednesday:

I love those little red shoes!

And, here's Tom's upcoming press schedule for his new film, Valkyrie:

12/11 - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

12/16 - The Late Show with David Letterman

12/17 - Live with Regis and Kelly

12/22 - Jimmy Kimmel Live

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